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3 Home Buying Trends for 2014 and Beyond

homeIt’s pretty safe to say that as the man or woman that is buying a home evolves, the home does as well. While some real estate agencies like Re/max All American in Hinesville, Georgia offer more traditional homes for sale, more and more young professionals around the United States make up the buyer’s market in today’s economy, and these tech-savvy men and women want their homes to have the same technological capabilities that they enjoy on a daily basis.

Gone are the days of newlyweds searching for a starter home to raise a family in. Below are three shifts that you can expect to see in homes in the next few years.

Smart Homes

With the emergence of the “man cave” a few years back, a lot of home buyers prefer to have a room full of high-tech gadgetry like the latest A/V equipment, surround sound systems and huge TV’s. Of course, we knew it wasn’t going to be long until one room turned into an entire home.

Home owners now have the luxury of securing their homes remotely, heating up or cooling off the house before they get home, and even keeping an eye on the family dog with the use of a webcam. Expect these trends to continue to evolve and get even “smarter” than they are now.

Huge Closets

It seems that ever since Carrie Bradshaw’s character in the first Sex and the City movie got a huge closet, more and more women (and men) want exactly the same thing. In fact, recent trends suggest home buyers and apartment renters will actually give up a room of their home in order to turn it into a walk-in closet of gigantic proportions.

The Home Office

A growing number of large companies have gone on record as saying that they not only approve, but encourage employees to work from home. While some home buyers don’t like the idea of having an entire built-in office in their home, more and more folks are opting to convert a room into a home office. After all, business doesn’t stop at home anymore.

Look for home buyers to enquire about existing home offices, and sellers to begin touting their in-home business construction.




What is a CSCS test?

cscsThe CSCS is also better known as Construction Skill Certification Scheme. This scheme was meant to employ people on various sites of construction, which is accompanied with a portable means of identity along with the proof of competence so that the work can be carried on site. The cscs cards give a consistent method to check the competency of all the construction workers before allowing them any access to the websites. This scheme tends to educate all the workers based upon health in safety within the construction industry. More than 1 million people have undergone the CSCS test. More and more sites of construction demand the workers to undergo the test. The numbers are soon to go double, in a very short span of time.

This test contains 50 questions, which are divided into 2 parts. The first part contains questions, based on health and safety and they would be multiple choice type. For every question, the candidate would be required to choose one or more answers, on the basis of requirements. The second part would contain the questions of behavioral case study. Mainly 12 questions are meant to test your reactions for critical situations of safety.  You can also prepare the test online now.