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Streamline your Real Estate Investments with Asset BI

sellsevenTechnology has advanced so much now that it makes our daily tasks so much easier, even through things that we take for granted these days such as cell phones, laptops and of course applications which we use not only to help with daily tasks but even to improve our lives through health apps, fitness apps, time management apps, relaxation apps and much more. Companies have now evolved in exactly the same way where they are able to use technology to streamline their offerings and make their work force much more efficient, today we will focus on a company called Sell Seven which offers cloud based software services for B2B industries. If you’ve not heard of these services before, then stick with us as this could really save your business a ton of money, of course if you have heard of this service before, stay tuned anyway as Sell Seven is one of the market leaders and it could well be that you receive a superior service from these guys.



Sell Seven has been in operation for just over 3 years and in that time they have built superior award winning products, their expertise are in building cloud based services for the real estate industry such as real estate management software.  These guys are not some fly by night outfit, they are a team of dedicated hard working professionals who take their own business and yours incredibly seriously, they understand how complex real estate transactions can be in both the residential and commercial sectors and they have been able to draw on their decades of combined expertise to bring you the ultimate in real estate cloud based software, their highly detailed and incredibly well coded products  create professional tools that will provide efficient data, time, sales and business management software, you know what they say, time is our most precious of resources ,so let them help you manage your time more efficiently. Sell Seven have a simple ethos and that is serving their customers is always their no.1 priority. If you would like to find out more about this great company and what they can do for you then pop on to their company profile page here or you can read more information about their professional development here.

Now that we’ve given you a little back round on this amazing company and how it can streamline your real estate business lets focus on their latest market offering and how this can help you not only increase your revenue on your real estate investments, but ultimately save you that most precious resource we have: Time!


asset3Anyone with a little bit of common sense knows that there is no such thing as a passive income, sure you can build income streams that eventually will take minimal work, but there is always hard work involved. There will always be income that assets generate but the passive approach to this income will be entirely dependent to the shrinking size of that income, in other ways you need to manage your time more efficiently to gain the most accurate returns from this income. Treat your investments like you would your business and you’ll reap the benefits in the long term. Sell Seven Inc latest product from Asset BI can help you do just this.


Asset BI  will help you manage all aspects of your current Real Estate business: It can help streamline vendor management; as we  all know this can be the most time consuming part of the job, as well as full tracking of income and expenses and of course the dreaded taxes, we all know how much of pain it can be at the end of each quarter to file our tax returns, so why not let a cloud based solution help you lessen the frustration of this menial task.  Additionally risk management is always a big factor when planning new real estate purchases and Asset BI will help you manage this aspect of the job efficiently.


Specifically on the asset side it offers management of asset acquisition, maintenance, rehab, tenant management, full analytics and reports and much more. Asset BI has been released for a limited time to select investors (sign up while registration is still open). (







If you would like to find out more about or then you can get in touch with the great team behind this product here.   Or why not register for their next seminar here.  Take the full tour of the asset BI product here and also view their highly competitive pricing structure here. They would also love to here from you on social media, you can chat with them on Facebook or Linkedin.

We wish you all the best with your new real estate investments; don’t delay, save yourself sometime today!