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Floor tile installation

cermaicsIn case you are making plan to change some tiles on the floor of kitchen, you can do it manually or can take help from expert. It is an easy job and can be complete by some helping hands. There are some simple steps that must be followed and these steps will be very useful for you in the process of floor tile installation. The initial step is to get ready the base floor. The floor of kitchen must be cleaned of all grease, wax, grime and oil with a good quality cleaner. Always, it is suggested to use a high quality, ecological and effective cleaner for the purpose of cleaning. In case you have a floor made by wooden material, it must be made soft by eliminating any rough areas and any type of loose boards on the base have to be tightened properly.

The method to floor tile installation is begins laying the base from the middle part of the room. The calculation of the room must be exactly done and the some kind of indiscretion ignored. The middle floor location has to be accurately marked with the help of chalk line. These lines must be drawn across the breadth and length of the room and the position where the lines cross is the middle part of the room. You can check again the correctness of the middle position because it is very essential for perfect installation of floor tile.



The next step is to put unfastened tile from the middle along the marked lines of chalk. With the help of these loose tiles, you can calculate the distance of the final tile from the side of wall. It will provide you a clear idea of the dimension of the end tile which wants to be situated to end the row. At the time you have any particular idea by putting the movable tiles you may have the thought of the number of required tiles to finish the work of whole room. You can also read more here about commercial tile flooring

The next step is to put different shade of tiles at different places according to your preference. You can open the tile boxes and put the tiles at the correct places. Now, you can easily start applying the cement on ¼ parts of the floor and you should wait for some time. Normally, it takes approx 10 to 15 minutes for the cement to get dry earlier than you can begin the process of floor tiles installation. Though, the waiting time depends on the humidity and temperature.



You can begin putting the tiles along lines opening from the floor’s middle part. Keep in mind, correctly putting the first tile as it is very necessary and resolve the finish. Put every tile tightly on the base and even against a different tile. If you don’t have enough time to do all the process manually, you can contact with experts. There are many professional floor tile installation companies available in the market. You can do some online research and get the important information about these companies.

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