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Chain tracker

chainChain-Tracker basically is the one man affair of Jim, he is searching for the investment partnership or for non-executive directors so that he can turn his life dream in a great reality. Chain tracker acts as the central hub place where the buyers, Sellers, Solicitors or the Conveyancers as well as the Real Estate Agents may communicate easily with one other. This website allows different parties to share their valuable information on status of the sale of the property and the purchase of the property. Chain-Tracker usually targets the property that is available for sale and purchase through the system of membership. The unique software also makes this entire process to be highly transparent as well as speedier experience. Selling and buying the property is very less stressful as all the parties know where the things stand.

The sellers, buyers, Estate Agents, Solicitors, Mortgage Companies and Conveyancers can get the benefits for the reason of lines of the communication are kept up-to-date in the real time. Here, you will get the guarantee of being transparency, the delays are also avoided at each step of way. However, buying & selling of the property is also the seamless experience from entire word and the stress is also taken out from the entire process