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Elenilto Mining

Elenilto, worldwide Minerals, Oil & Gas E&P organization, set up by Mr. Jacob Engel, a foremost developer with a universal reputation. It has situated itself as a famous production and exploration player in Europe, Africa and America. Its affiliates control different type of big-scale global projects, and get pleasure from a long lasting history of trained management, professionalism and expertise. The affiliates of this company are energetic in entire aspects of the worldwide E & P business, together with geological investigation, production, drilling, and processing of the mineral, the entire of which mainly takes position in Europe, Africa, and America. This company has licenses of mining and exploration for Oil and Gas, tantalum, iron ore and some others.



Business philosophy of this company is founded on best-level assistance with limited partners, and the organization is identified for its skill to form planned partnerships to follow new investment avenues. Skilled geological survey of this company and highly skilled departments are accountable for mineral exploration and geological mapping, geophysical surveys in investigation of mineral deposits, analysis of sample, exploration drilling and mineral evaluation and resources of the groundwater, and view evaluation and development.

This company has strategic universal partners in the gas and oil industry that offer testing, consulting, planning, assessment, and engineering related services aimed at offering answers to queries concerning both profitability and safety.