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Choosing the best colors to paint the exterior of your home


Besides protecting and boosting the resale value of your home, a fresh, new coat of exterior paint transforms its overall aesthetics and increases you’re its curb appeal says the Fairfield County Painter. The challenge is choosing the perfect color to paint, but the following recommendations will help you choose the ideal hue and shade.

Consider Your Outdoor Environment
Your home’s natural outdoor environment should be taken into consideration when choosing an exterior paint color. Is the landscaping lush, forest green or arid, desert terrain? What color is the driveway? Do you plan out your garden so that vibrant flowers bloom year round or seasonally in your yard? Is your home framed by lots of foliage? Whatever the case, try to choose an exterior color that beautifully complements your surroundings, creating a visual harmony with the home’s special outdoor features.

That said – you need to love it too
Personal preference is also important so be sure to keep yours in mind as you create the color combinations for your home’s exterior. Don’t be afraid to think a bit “out of the box”. If you love color and the idea of brilliant yellow and red flowers against a home that’s exterior has been painted a royal blue – go for it. If you’re nervous about going all out, consider just painting the door an accent color. On the other hand, if shocking contrasts don’t appeal to you and your taste lean more toward a more tranquil, private look, paint your home a similar shade of the color of the landscaping. For example, if your house is surrounded by evergreens and ferns, a dark green color can present a secluded, camouflage like effect.

Consider Any Unpainted Exterior Home Features
You’ll also need to consider the unpainted exterior elements of your home, including the roof, gutter, chimney, stone facades, masonry and any other existing design features. For instance, if your chimney bricks and roof present a reddish appearance, painting your home a reddish color would probably be too much visually. Instead, go with a more neutral tone, adding in a touch of contrast (either darker or lighter tones here and there.

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Neighborhood Considerations
Self-expression can be a good thing, but if you go over the top, painting your home a shocking pink, you’re sure to upset the neighbors. That, and who wants to be “that house”? You know, the one that sticks out like a sore thumb? It’s best to select a color that fits in at least to some degree with the other houses in the neighborhood. You can always express yourself through the interior and exterior décor.

Geographical Factors
Geographical factors also need to be considered, including the local terrain, the weather, the changing seasons and how the light varies throughout the day and the year. You can take it a bit further and consider the overall vibe, history and cultures of the area you live in as well when choosing your exterior paint color.

Repainting your home has a wide range of benefits and while deciding on an exterior paint color can seem overwhelming at first, you’ll be able to come up with the perfect color with just a little planning and insight.