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Make sure you use the correct fasteners in your house

orbital-fasteners-logoA little leakage in your water pipe might become a water failure issue that can flood your entire house. It is better to take extra proper precautions along with that provided by your pipe manufacturing company. Here are useful tips that will help you to protect your water pipes more securely.


First of all, use quality fittings like those that are supplied by UK based company Orbital Fasteners. Various types of  fittings are not able to withstand sudden changes in temperatures and often cracks which is why it’s important to ask the professionals for assistance if you’re unsure of which fasteners you should be using. You may also want to look at using pipe covers,  these are special covers that help protect the leakage of water pipes.



To save on having to do continuous diy work you should never dispose the waste in the kitchen sink as it results in blocking of drainage pipe. If not cleaned on time, this blockage may flood your entire kitchen in just a single day. Also, avoid putting any type of grease in the pipes. If it is important, mix it with soapy solution so that it can be disposed easily using running water.


Finally, never the let any cloth, towel or scarf to block the drainage system of home. Make sure that nothing solid is disposed in the drainage pipe apart from fluid. These tips will provide extra protection to your home from any type of water leakage. Make sure you always contact the professionals, why not pop over to Orbital Fasteners Facebook page and have a chat with them about any concerns you may have.