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When choosing a new home, space can be one of the largest deciding factors, sure there are other options such as outside storage or even renting storage from external companies, but you really want to store everything safely at home, out of the way, and seamlessly. Enter Fitted wardrobes not only are they stylish and come in a variety of designs/colours/patterns, but they also fit seamlessly into your existing decoration as they would have been built to the specification of the house, this also means that they are built as part of the structure of the house and are about as reliable as storage spaces can be.

When buying a house with pre – exsisting fitted wardrobes this also means you will save additional costs on having to do further furniture shopping, not only that, but you also need to take into account the moving and relocation costs involved when buying new large pieces of furniture such as wardrobes. Don’t forget this also comes with the added headache of trying to find matching furniture to your exsisting decorations, that being said, in some houses such as apartment it may also be impossible to get the new units into the building itself.

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If you’re looking to retro fit a fitted wardrobe this can be done by a professional company, it’s always good to do your research on the company and make sure you’re employing someone reliable and trustworthy to install these. We would recommend having a look at . They’re a UK based company with a solid reputation who will be able to help you with any queries you may have.

Here are a few points to consider when purchasing new fitted wardrobes

• Kind of Material used – In many cases, wardrobes are made of the superior quality of wood products which are well designed to stand to test of the time. In most cases fitted wardrobe3fitted wardrobes will be made of good quality wood, which will ensure a long lasting fitted unit, when buying always enquire about the durability of the materials being used on the product. Most retailers will also offer the option of a stylised finish, so you will be able to add unique features such as colour, grain, decorations etc. The most common woods and associated colours used would be oak, mahogany, walnut, cherry as well as beech.

• Size of the wardrobe – The Fitted wardrobes will fit technically from the single end of the room to the other and also make the accommodations for the built-in beds, for the dressers as well as many more. While the custom design is chosen over the premade suite of the bedroom, buyers will also call shots on the height, depth as well as length. It results in best use of the accessible space for neat & tidy room which is quite simple to keep in their order.


fitted wardrobeIt goes without saying that before purchasing you should make sure the room and wall space is sufficient for the unit size you’re looking to purchase. You should also take into consideration any exsisting fittings, furniture, carpets and you should also check the house plans for any exsisting pipe or electrical work in the walls you’ll be using. If you’re unsure about any of this then feel free to get in touch with the great team behind and they will be more than happy to help.


We hope you have found this article useful in your purchasing decisions and we hope you find the perfect fitted wardrobe!

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