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For sale by owner

saleThere is no doubt that Danish real estate is progressively sold devoid of any kind of involvement of the agents of real estate. Specifically the market of cooperative housing that sees a huge share of sale in real estate market that is being sold like for sale by owner. As per the report in the month of September 2014 about 6.6% of every new listing of real estate are done through “For sale by owner”. This same number varying from year before was about 4,4%. However, this increase is predominately becauseofgreat number of the real estate in sector of cooperative housing that is sold by owners devoid of engaging the agent of real estate. In the Copenhagen about 41.9% if every new listing of real estate with the cooperative housing was basically done being for sale by the owners.

However, there is also a great increase in number of the websites that help the owners to advertising the online real estate on the basis of for sale by the owners. There are many websites which arefree of cost are increasingly renowned.The traditional agents of real estate usually take the fees amount of about 3-5000 USD. Hence, several sellers will also try to avoid by using traditional agents of real estate.