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Gramercy park

park2If you are the first time tourist for New York you would just be in the constant state of the awe with their most colorful as well as glistening signage for commercial purpose and impressive sky scrapers. Being the highly seasoned traveler will know the Glamour as well as glitz is not mainly New York is everything about. The Gramercy Park is popular for the Chelsea Art museum where the most exquisite works of the highly reputed artists like Laszlo Lakner as well as Antonio Corpora may be seen easily. The museum even houses a great variety of various different paintings as well as sculptures that usually date back to 1800’s. However, Forbes Collection is also other interesting venue that is really worth to visit. Situated at the Greenwich Village, the gallery is known to be the house for diverse collections of the ornamental items that belonge someone apart from Malcolm Forbes.


The Gramercy Park is situated in New York and is among the peaceful places in the huge and mega city. Even though the park is also the private facility that offers access to general public also is not granted by the recent owners, residents of Gramercy Park to get the most unique chance to enjoy most peaceful serenity of the lush surroundings.