Category Archives: Home Loan Home Loan Procedure as simple as eating nuts has extended their business acumen with the launch of the home loan section. The same can be navigated from their home page in a click. To be very honest, the affordability of home for the salaried class of depends on the home loans, but most of the time people tend to miss out of the approximate credit limits or pick up wrong home loan, which leads to the turning down of the home loans, thus disappointing them with their proposition of home loan shopping along with home shopping. So, has launched their new section called home loans which has all – encompassing features including a FAQs section as well as home loan eligibility calculator followed by your option of home shopping from six different financial institutions and applying your suitable home loans and also track the disbursement of the loan too

How simple is the loan procedure with

Once you explore the portal, you get three option

ü  Details and Eligibility

ü  Select a Loan Offer

ü  Track your application

Before opting to select any house, it’s important to know the eligibility of the loan amount, else the effect reflects at the end if you opt for home loans beyond your eligibility; the bank may disagree to disburse the loan. Hence, knowing the eligibility is important…it’s more like budgeting and planning your finances beforehand. With the required financial details, you can find out your eligibility and do your home shopping within that budget

Selecting an offer

When you are done with your home shopping, it is the time for home loan shopping. Every individual has specific needs and requirements and required a bespoke home loan. On you have the option to pick from six financial institutes offering you the home loans which is most suitable for you. Not only you can view the same, but if you want, you can apply it online also. The page provides you with the break-up of different aspects of the home loan. You only need to click the apply button…

Track your application

For the first time ever, you can track your loan application and know the status of the loan. This has one advantage…you can schedule your payment dates as per the status of the application, and you know exactly that date when the loan will be disbursed, hence there is no chance for losing your face value or credit score before the developer, since you know when you will get the money. Thus you can schedule a date on that basis, with a day or two buffer time

The portal also provides you with the insights and the technicalities of the home loan, which no financial institutes would have discussed with you. The insights will definitely be helpful in the process of home loan shopping as well as maintaining it, since home loan is a long tern financial liability and it requires due diligence to maintain it too…and another piece of advice…if you are opting for home loan, don’t forget to insure the loan with the proper financial coverage and yes…you also have this information on the portal too…