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Homes built from shipping containers

home1Move over, Frank Lloyd Wright! Homes being built from unusual materials or in creative places are taking root all around the world, and with good reason – as the cost of living increases, finding ways to decrease in other areas is becoming more important than looks alone. Some people choose to build their homes into a hillside or underground, while others are using resources like repurposed … shipping containers? Invented more than five decades ago, the modern shipping container is the linchpin in our global distribution network of products. In the containers go toys from China, textiles from India, grain from America and cars from Germany. In go electronics, chocolate and cheese. These homes are a perfect example of how creativity can turn something mundane into something brilliant. So lets look a little more into Homes built from shipping container



Yes, you heard that right. Those giant metal containers on trains and in shipyards that once contained goods and commerce can sit empty for years once they’re unpacked, and that’s bad for the environment in more ways than one. Workers figured out several years ago that this hefty containers make great worksite offices, seeing as how they’re sturdy and impervious to almost all weather conditions. But with a little bit of genius design and a whole lot of elbow grease, you could be creating your own home in no time, on any budget.



Getting started is easy: transport companies generally let this useless beauties go for around $1,000 a pop, so if you’re looking for a relatively small home you could easily get what you need for less than five grand. From there, it’s a matter of having someone knowledgeable cut and weld the container to your housing specifications. It will take some time to have the containers converted into a livable space, but the wait it definitely worth the finished results.

When converted from container to potential living space, they can be easily stacked for a multi-story home or laid side by side for ranch-style housing. The more containers you have, the more rooms, which makes everyone happy and makes for spectacular design. Lumber can be added where needed to enforce or cover natural container flaws, or drywall can be put up to help create a uniform look all around.

home3There’s no need to fear the weather in a shipping container home, either – their natural steel design is able to withstand some of nature’s most volatile conditions, and they aren’t likely to blow over any time soon. Containers weigh several tons a piece, and combined they can create a formidable fortress that’s both stylish and comfortable.If you’re interested in a container home, either building one or buying one, the process can be simple but daunting at the same time. It sounds like a lot of work, time and effort – why not just build a traditional home and save some of that? Because the end results will pay off in multitudes. Container Home Reviews takes the guesswork and stress out of starting from scratch, and gives you the inside scoop on everything you need to know about these unique structures. They offer a comprehensive guide to getting started that is unsurpassed in knowledge and how-to, and can point you in the right direction in no time at all. Building a container home can be simple if you have the right tips, tricks and tools – let Container Home Reviews help you create the home of your dreams.


So there you go, all the possible information you need to start building your own shipping container home. They’re low cost, environmentally friendly and as shown by some of the pictures in this post with just a little bit of creativity these can be turned into some show stopping homes at the fraction of a cost we would pay for something equivalent.


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