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Park City has some of the finest Condos on the market

ParkCityAs a real estate investor or perhaps even a first time buyer you’ll know the importance of finding a great deal when it comes to purchasing this new real estate for your portfolio. The real estate you purchase will be entirely dependent on your budget and the purpose you want it to be used for such as a single our double occupancy residency, professional tenancy or perhaps even student accommodation. The market is wide open at the moment; after the 2008 sub-prime crisis the markets are now starting to see a good recovery which usually means it’s a good time to invest. Today we’re going to take a look at some of those options with you and specifically some great park city condos for sale.




Whether you have small budget or whether you have the unlimited budget, you are sure to find a suitable and most appropriate condo for your family to always enjoy the wonderful lifestyle that is offered by Park City. Not only are these condos designed by some of the countries leading architects but they also come with all modern features and are of course located within a stones throw from all of the amenities in the area. If your budget is restricted you can also find the complete ownership condos that is available for about $200,000. These Condos available in the price point would not be at ski resorts and this will specifically be situated in area of Kimball Junction. They are yet quite close and in the reach of 10-15 minute of the drive for world class ski resorts of Park City and also on free bus route. However, Powderwood Condo and the development has also been a famous place for such looking in lower price point which also allows the nightly rentals. Moreover, development is little older and it was also built in early 80’s. Other famous condo development is Canyon Creek. These are newer though do not permit the nightly rentals. The developments provide great amenities that include the swimming pool. For more information please visit park city utah condos for sale


Other significant option for people with the limited budget in Park City is the option of condo buyer with fractional ownership. At Canyons Resort you will find an awesome value at Grand Summit Lodge having quarter share of the ownership. With the quarter share of the ownership you will also get about 13 weeks for the use every year. Such ski condos are importantly Canyons Resort with the ski in ski out of the condos that are located adjacent to the gondola. Weeks where you do not even use can also get place in the nightly rental pool along with rental revenue might also potentially assist the offset fees along with the property taxes. Single bedroom units will also start to be low as the $85,000 that is certainly great value for the ski condo in great location with some of the awesome amenities. Moreover, there are also some other opportunities with fractional ownership in Park City area.



For second home buyer that are also looking for the ski condo at ski resorts in the Park City, so there are 3 ski resorts that you should consider to buy near the Deer Valley Resort, Canyons Resort and also Park City Resort. The Deer Valley Resort also is known for their impeccably groomed with the ski runs that is exceptional client service, awesome food and skier with slopes. Moreover, Park City and Mountain Resort is situated near to the Park City’s area of Main Street which consist of the town lift from historic and Old Town area. These Canyons Resort is greatest ski resort of Utah that are situated couple of the miles outside from Park City limits.



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Ever Wonder If Selling Or Renting Is Better?

saleYou have many things to think about when you start to think about ‘how should I go about selling my house?’ What is the real motivation behind selling the house? Is it for convenience in some way? Are you being forced to sell? Are you just checking the local market of buyers? Your motivation behind why you are selling your house is very important because it will dictate how much time and energy you put into it. The choice to rent is not the same as it once was.

Many people today that are landlords actually started out in the home they are now renting out. When they were done paying for it they decided to move to another home and rent out the old one. Some might have even lived in one side of the duplex and decided to rent out the other side. When they had finished paying for the house they decided to rent both sides out and move into a new place. This is a great way to invest in something that you will have when you retiree.


The problem is trying to find someone that is trustworthy to rent out the house for the long run. Due to the economy being in a constant state of flux people are constantly moving from one place to another. Finding people that want to rent is not a hard thing to do with all of the people that have been forced out of their house. Find trustworthy and reliable people that are going to take care of your property is the real problem. In the past landlords had to worry about the house not being taken care of or worse yet damaged by kids or pet. Today you have added issues like worrying about people setting up a drug lab or some other illegal operation in a rental home. If something illegal happens the house can be taken away from the owner even if they had nothing to do with it. If the house has been used as a drug lab you will have to remove everything inside the house and replace it. In some cases they will even make you tear down the entire building.

These changes in our economy and basic living conditions have caused many would be landlords to simply sell rather than taking the chances on damages to the property. Non-incorporated landlords cannot afford to tackle a large remodel that is caused by a careless tenant. So the real question is, should I risk the property to rent or do I just take what I can from a sale and reinvest in something else? Not only that, but do you want to take on the responsibility of being a landlord?

Another mid ground option when looking for ways to sell your house would be a rent with option to buy. This would help to alleviate some of the concerns of just a straight rental. Most people who are willing to option a property to buy are looking for a somewhat permanent living situation. In most cases they will have to allow you as the property owner to know about their finances and approve of their choice of payment. Lastly, people who are willing to option to buy are generally not the type of people who would damage a property. They are looking at this as their future permanent home and are more likely to take better care of it.

There are a lot of variables that go into deciding what the best option for selling your home is for your personal situation. Just like with any situation it is best to do market research and find out about prospective renters vs home buyers. Be aware that you have certain laws that govern who you rent to and you cannot refuse someone based on religion, race, etc. Make sure that whatever decision you make is a business choice and not an emotional one. The choice to sell or rent is a business transaction and you should not let personal beliefs dictate what you end up going with.