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Dyes and Pigments for Coatings & Stains for Wood

woodIf the goal of woodworking is to make the final product something amazing to look at and functional to use, even if it’s simply ornamental, then adding a wood dye like Keda’s wood dye products may be the perfect addition to really make the wood grain and grooves pop. With five colors to choose from it’s hard to find a product in the marketplace that can compare. Developed by a wood working professional with the experience to understand the unique complexities of their product and the know-how to design the dyes with the utmost care and consideration into maintaining and enhancing the quality of the look and feel of the wood, these wood dyes are lab tested for consistency and reliability. Royal Blue, Sunflower Yellow, Coal Black, Golden Brown, and Fire Engine Red are the colors to choose from and the best part of all is they’re eco-friendly. Don’t stop there; these colors are also mixable so creating a unique blend is well within your reach. Sold across the continental US, either through their EBay page (Kedawooddyes), or through their website (, or on Amazon (Keda Wood Dyes) these dyes are affordable and available to help add the finishing touches during the completion on a multitude of projects. Check out their YouTube page (Keda Wood Dyes.) to get a view of how easy it is to apply the dyes. Whether you’re working on refurbishing some cabinets, putting the finishing touches on an antique table, making toys, or stylizing the old guitar these non-toxic dyes can do the trick. Check out their Facebook page (Keda Dyes) or their Twitter account for a glimpse at some of the finished products. The wood dye kit makes over a 1 gal. of wood stain dye, perfect for the DIY project. Easy to mix, easy to apply, the kits come with fully explained mixing and applying instructions so you’re not left out in the cold. Their aniline dyes are tested for light fastness that will work exceptionally well with your choice of sealant. It even works to color tint: wood stains, glues, putties, wood conditioners, varnishes, and even other wood dyes.


dye2Co-founders, Keith and Linda, launched their wood dye line, Keda Dye Inc. in 2009 and along with their team of highly trained experts and executives they boast an impressive combined 45+ years of experience in the industry, having received numerous degrees and certificates for both quality assurance and manufacturing this team knows the ins-and-outs of the business. This is what prompted them to create a product that is of the highest standard with the expressed aim at lessoning the environmental impact. They purposefully designed the wood dyes to reduce VOC’s, trucking emissions, fuel wastes, and their eco footprint left in our homes and highways. The stated tradition of creating environmentally friendly products is a huge benefit to the health and well being of our children and loved-ones as well as the beautification of our treasured heirlooms and keepsakes. Put the Keda Wood Dye kit on your list of items to improve your next home or office project and accentuate your woods and wood grains with elegance and style.





Their wood dyes create brilliant, vibrant dye stain colors. Use all five colors to create new rich and exotic dye finishing colors. For more information on what wood dyes you should be using or if you have any questions for either Keith or Linda then you can get in touch with them through their website here.  You can also read more about Keda Wood Dyes here. If  social media is your thing then you can pop on over and have a chat with them on either their Facebook or twitter accounts or just pop them and email, they’ll be happy to help with any questions you may have.




Otherwise why not check out these great video on Wood Dyes made by Keda Wood Dyes.