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How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Keep Your Home CoolSummertime has arrived and it brings a lot of humidity and sweat with it. Every summer you hear record temperatures in some parts of the world and this year is no exception. The average humidity and temperature scale is increasing, and so is the cost of keeping your home cool. Obviously an air conditioner is the most effective tool in keeping your home cool. However, there are things you can, and should do to lower the temperature in your home without raising the energy bills. Restrict using your ACs for only the nights and opt for these cost saving alternatives instead. Find latest Lahore homes for sale at prominent real estate online market place.




Fans may not provide the same cooling intensity as air conditioners, but they can cool down your home by at least 6 to 7 degrees. Ceiling fans along with portable fans can effectively beat the heat without adding much to your energy bills, even when you use them around the clock. Consider investing in fans and get them installed in the hotter rooms and areas where there is wind crossing. This will allow you to further reduce the temperature in your home whenever a breeze blows.

Blinds and Shades

Blinds, drapes, and shades can go a long way in reducing the overall temperature in your home. White shades or blinds on windows can reflect some of the UV rays away from your home. Close the blinds and drapes during different times of the day to keep your home cool more effectively. Close the blinds on east side windows during the morning and the west side windows during the afternoon. Remember that in order to keep your home cool, you need to keep the heat and the sun out.

Internal Heat

Internal heat from lighting, electronic devices, and household appliances can significantly impact the average temperature in your home. Turn off any unnecessary or not in use lights, electronic devices, and appliances to preserve the cool temperature in your home. Make sure to keep any heat generating devices away from the air conditioner, otherwise your ac will be running for long periods of time. Replace heat generating lights and bulbs with fluorescent lights and bulb. They take only one-fifth of the heat and energy but provide the same results. To sum it up, try to lower the internal heat within your property to make sure it stays cool for longer periods.


Plants can help in further reducing your energy bills and heating costs. Neighborhoods that are shaded with trees experience 3 to 6 degrees cooler temperature during the day than neighborhoods that aren’t. But this is just one implication of having plants. Plant trees and shrubs around the air conditioner unit as that will make it use less electricity. Plant trees on the west and south sides of your home to keep the average temperature low in the summers and to welcome the warm sunlight in the winters. Properly placed plants in a home can reduce your energy bills significantly in the long term, while also improving the air you breathe.

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