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How to find a great letting agent


As a home owner or perhaps even a real estate investor you’ll know about the importance not only of having good contacts in the industry; but great contacts! Ultimately you want the best possible price on your sale or buy and having a great letting agent on board can help you achieve this. So let them deal with all of the stress of having to rent your home or commercial premises and you can sit back and watch the profits roll in.




When searching for a reliable real estate agent there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind:

  • Is the estate agent local to the area you’re interested in? This is an important criteria as a local estate agent will understand their local market letting3and be able to advise you on all the local amenities; it’s also possible they will have a book of ‘ready to go’ buyers and sellers and this could help speed up your transaction.
  • Do they come highly recommended? Great real estate agents will not need to constantly send you junk mail or bombard you with telephone calls. You will find the best real estate agents through word of mouth and through researching online reviews and onsite testimonials.
  • Are they qualified? There are a lot of sharks in the industry; much like any other. It’s important to check that your real estate agent has all the necessary qualifications to be in the industry. You can find out by simply inquiring with the estate agent and then checking their references.
  • Do they have good stock? An agent with little or no housing stock on their books is probably one to be wary of. They should have a good range of various houses/apartment for sale and rent. Be wary of fly by night agents who only display one or two items in their windows or online portfolios.


What services does the agent offer?

Depending on the type of agent you’re looking for you’ll want to check the type of services they offer.  They can include but not be limited to the letting2following:

  • Full service management : As a landlord this would be the type of management you’re looking for if you’re looking for them to take care of the property for you.
  • Financial management : The agency will take care of all the financial paper work and rent collection for you.
  • Legal Paperwork – Many agencies at a price will take care of all your legal property paper work for you.





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Of course if you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team who will be more than happy to help.