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Homes for sale in Lynchburg VA MLS

dawnWith that ‘old south’ feel to the town and beautiful views of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge mountain ranges, Lynchburg is without a doubt one of the most peaceful and unique places to live in the United States. Lynchburg is a small Virginia city with a huge heart. The old downtown área is a blend of the old and the new cultures of the community. Lynchburg is a historic city with refined, established homes along the hill top. Lynchburg has been divided into districts and five of these districts have been named as historic sites in the National Register of Home Districts.

Lynchburg is home to five small sized colleges, which somehow seem to give the city a ‘college-city’ feel to it and with the surrounding mountain ranges, Lynchburg really does give a person a feeling of being in the outdoors and ready to take on some outdoor activities. The town area is host to a museum and some modest entertainment venues that line the streets, however, Lynchburg has an over-all vibe of being a slightly sleepy town, with a busy streak that comes to life every now and again.


When it comes to the cost of living, especially amongst Lynchburg VA MLS metropolitan areas, you will be pleased to know that it is quite moderate with the rate of affordability of consumer goods and services being very well priced. The city’s economy primarily depends on steel pipe and furniture manufacturing and healthcare, with the periphery small businesses making up the minor balance. In the city’s southern end, there has been an uptake of business activity over the last decade and this has led to an increase in traffic around working and peak hours, the city has begun to extend roads and walkways and have a solid plan in place to reduce the traffic challenge. That seems to be the only real major problem with the area, in general it can be seen as a tidy town with few areas of neglect that the local council are aware of and working toward a solution on.


The property market in the Lynchburg area is ripe with great value, with home prices crashing after the 2008 crisis, the last 5 years have seen good growth, especially in the Lynchburg VA MLS market. With the average home sales median price being in the area of around $213,000 it stands to reason that the value available in this market at the moment is outstanding. Situated in the James River Valley along the Eastern ridge of the Blue Ridge mountains, Lynchburg is a city that is enclaved by delicious forests and lush valleys. The ocean orientated atmosphere provides an ideal climate year round that is normally pleasant to experience. With lightly humid summers and rain throughout the year, Lynchburg is a town that is alive with life. The mountains to the west block most snow-storms in the winter and while there is still snow, it is light.


Lynchburg is a fine place to live, when exploring your property options, make sure you have a trusted agent or advisor with you to navigate the market, happy hunting!


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