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Getting credit for your business

midwest1Your credit score defines the ability of your business to secure credit from a lender. There are many reasons that a business may need credit; cash for operating capital, plant & machinery, payroll assistance, the list goes on. Your credit score determines whether or not you are able to receive a credit facility to expand your business operations.

Your business should score more than 75 of 100m points to be considered in excellent status and creditworthy. The factors that determine this score are not just limited to any debt you may have, they are also judged by the amount of cash available to you, the business income and the credit inquiries on your business name. This is a common error in new business owners, that they apply for credit with too many providers, thereby damaging their credit score unintentionally before they even undertake a loan.

The best way to handle opening any lines of credit to your business is to find companies that offer all the services that you would need credit for such as Midwest corporate credit review. They should also notify the business credit bureaus of your business activities, which in-turn will help you establish a solid credit profile for your business while not affecting your personal credit score.


Here is a list of crucial points you need to consider to have your business receive the credit it deserves.

Form an entity and get a tax number

Start it right and form an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). Many business owners start off using their personal capacity in the form of a sole proprietorship, this is a mistake that can cost your personal credit score dearly. Not only does it affect your personal credit rating as we previously mentioned, but it opens you up to the liabilities, i.e. the debt of the company should something unforeseen happens and you are forced to close the business.

By forming an LLC from the start, you remove the risk from your personal capacity and draw a clear line between the debts of the company and your own estate.

Register with the business credit bureaus.

A good credit review company will be able to assist you in this task and handle all the applications needed to get your business registered with this authority. Sometimes it’s better to leave some things to the professionals and ensure it is setup the correct way from the get-go.


Compliance & maintenance

You need to ensure that your business complies with all the state and national regulations surrounding company and tax law, these are critical components to determining your business credit score and the ability your business has, to achieve the funding it requires to expand.

Once you have your entity formed and all required registration, this is the time that you will need a Midwest corporate credit review company that can assist you in all your credit applications and finalize any credit facilities you may need to open. Working with professional’s can improve your chances of receiving a credit facility and keep the financial health of your business in good stead.


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