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Buying into the Naples property market: What you need to know

equityFlorida is the sunshine state, famous for being the most south eastern state that enjoys warm ocean, fascinating wildlife and an elevated standard of living that is amongst the very best in the United States of America. Naples, Florida, is an example of an upwardly mobile area of Florida that is a showcase for high standards of luxury living, coupled with a cultural element that makes it one of the most desirable neighborhoods in not only Florida, but the entire United states.

The economic recovery under President Barrack Obama has spurred home price levels in desirable locations to historic valuations. With so much of the American property market still lagging behind, Florida home sales have shown strong growth over the last five years and continue to achieve high prices in much sought-after neighborhoods such as Naples.


Why Naples?

Naples is nestled on the southwest coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It is well-known as a place of high-society and features beautifully manicured golf-courses and luxurious high-end shopping for individuals that value their style and status.

Naples has always been considered as a town that stands out with its own unique character, where you can often see dolphins playing in the water while you gaze your eyes on a breath-taking sunset and then head to the town to take in some culture and elegant cuisine. It’s a place to see and a place to be seen.


The property market in Naples

Naples is known for its thriving property market and while it may seem that the market may be unaffordable for all but the elite of society, there are still many deals available at multiple price points to suit the budget of any potential buyer.

With entry level prices for single family homes starting around as low as $250 000 Dollars and going into the late $700 000 range, there is an entry point for everyone. If you are looking for high end, luxury property investments in exclusive areas that echo wealth, there are some neighborhoods with free-standing homes fetching into the $5 million bracket and beyond. To find out more please visit Florida home sales

Florida’s attractive and accommodative tax structures have led to an influx of business owners and wealthy investment buyers snapping up high-end real estate to add to their portfolios. This stimulus has directly contributed to the local economy, boosting it to well above the national average, with average income and net worth of residents and investment property owners far exceeding the national average per capita.

Get assistance from professionals

Purchasing property in Naples can be something of a hassle and frustration is you choose to go it alone. The market can seem very fragmented and the current stock on offer very elusive to find. Working with the right real estate consultant that is familiar with the Naples market and well-versed in dealing with both buyers and sellers is critical to you finding the right buyer or seller to meet your needs. The right professional can mean the difference between success or failure in finding the right home for your family or the right investment for your portfolio.


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