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New home construction : Added benefits

newhomeDid you know there are numerous reasons for buying new construction homes? For many years, newly built homes have been extremely popular and there are many reasons why.

Choosing your own colors, floor plan, fixtures and appliances are exciting. Just realizing you aren’t buying someone else’s problems is a big plus. If things do go wrong, you’ll always have your all-inclusive home warranty to fall back on when you buy a new construction home.

Imagine the thrill you’ll feel knowing you and your family members are the first people to live in your home. And nowadays many builders are building homes to look like older, established communities.

Buying an older home may be a bit less expensive. But when you consider all of the money you’ll have to sink into fixing that older home up, buying a non-resale home is cost-effective.

Not only will you be able to choose your own decorating styles in a new construction home, you’ll also be able to choose the building materials, the landscaping and the layout. If the home will sit within a community, you’ll be able to even choose what lot you want it to be built on.

It’s a proven fact older homes require more maintenance. Newly built homes are created with efficient materials and units such as HVAC. Today’s materials are always pre-treated for termites and other insect infestations and rot.

Another innovative benefit of new construction homes is not only efficiency of materials but leaving a “green” footprint on the earth’s natural resources. Installing up-to-date, energy-efficient appliances and opting for spray foam insulation versus fiberglass are fantastic choices.

One other important advantage of buying a newly built home is lower taxes. Taxes can be appreciably lower in the first year or two based on an identically valued resale home. One reason for this is because of when the taxes are computed. If you buy a lot in the beginning of any year, you’ll be taxed on the lot’s value alone even though the home may not be built until later in the year.

This is why your taxes will be lower for the first year or two. If you purchase an existing home, you will have to pay the home’s full assessment value taxes from the day you sign the contract. The difference between these two tax assessments can be significant so you may want to take this into consideration when considering new versus resale.

One more benefit of a newly built home is the case against the law that says, “anything that can go wrong, will.” All of those “anything” possibilities can become very expensive in an older home. Think of all the things like water pipes, garage doors, furnaces, dishwashers, garbage disposals and termite infestations that can break down requiring replacement.