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Create a better future for children: a look into the Venezuelan issue.

henryFor a few years, Venezuela has been experiencing an economic outburst that has left the country thoroughly disheveled. Venezuela has the most significant discovered oil reserve in the world; it is shocking however that such a nation with this benefit would be experiencing an economic meltdown that has led to deaths of children most especially.  You can find out more by visiting ayuda humanitaria para venezuela

This current disaster was fuelled by years of economic mismanagement which was masked when the price of oil was high. By 2014 when the oil price fell, scarcity became overwhelmingly on the high side, inflation occurred, and food prices climbed massively thus leading to malnutrition, starvation, and deaths of children. As at 2016, Venezuela recorded a massive 11,446 deaths of infants below the age of 1. There is no longer hope for the children as Venezuela’s economy is said to be on the brink of no return. What then happens to these innocent kids who just want to grow and have a life of their own? What happens to children who just want to live life to its fullest? We cannot let the future of these kids be wiped off just because of an economic collapse and political unrest that they don’t have much knowledge of. In creating a better future for children, the following has to be considered;



Organisation to help children in Venezuela

Organisations have sprung up just like the Henrry Vargas foundation. This foundation has taken it upon itself to provide for the basic needs of the children in Venezuela. Since its inception in 2016, this organization has helped over ten thousand Venezuelan children and young people in orphanages, homes, hospitals, schools, academies and rural areas. This foundation believes that there is no better exercise for the heart than stooping to help the needy.  Assisting organizations such as this would go a long way in providing more support for kids and people living in Venezuela who are going through this crisis. In joining an organization to help children in Venezuela, you are creating hope and a future for the young ones. Click  organización de ayuda a niños en Venezuela for more information.

Food and medical care for children

Doctors reported a massive increase in the deaths of children since the beginning of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The Venezuelan government has tried all to no avail to conceal the shocking number of kids that die every day due to starvation. Hospitals are filled with ailing children and the doctors in some hospitals have likened the starvation in the country as one that is seen in refugee camps that is why it is important that food and medical care be provided for these children. During the Christmas of 2017, a total of 1490 children and adult benefited from the child’s food organized by the Henry Vargas foundation


Humanitarian aid for Venezuela

It is quite obvious that the current government has turned deaf ears to the cries of the people living in severe conditions in the country. This goes to show that Venezuela is in the hands of the masses. Humanitarian aids for children and adults should include the provision of food, an educational support program for children, health benefits and medical provision for children and adults in Venezuela. Henrry Vargas foundation has so far tried in providing the basic needs of these people. It is incredibly important that as individuals, we lend our hands to a commitment of this sort and support foundations such as the Henrry Vargas foundation in creating a better future for children and adults.

Venezuela is a country that is currently in a situation caused by its leaders fuelling a humanitarian crisis that has led to extreme food and medicine shortages, children are dying of hunger at alarming rates, and it seems as though there is no hope for the innocent children in the country.


Creating a better future for the children in Venezuela would mean providing the basic needs they would enablehenry4 them succeed; education, food, medical provisions and health benefits would enable them have a future worth living for. Lending a helping hand to organisations and foundations that are tipping the balance and going overboard just to ensure that these kids do not suffer is also a way of contributing your own quota towards the development of a successful future for the children in Venezuela. You can either do this by volunteering or donating to foundations that are already leading the way.

Children are the leaders of tomorrow and it is our duty to preserve their future by creating a means for them to get there. Endeavour to support a foundation today. You can find out more by visiting  or nuestra web