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Easily locate properties in Pikes peak Colorado springs

real1As promising as the real estate industry is, it is profitable to only those with access to the right information. After all, knowledge is power. The reality and truth about the internet is that while you may be able to get all the information you need, chances are that before you finally see relevant information, you would have given up. Let’s face the facts – most sites are filled with junks. But then, we are not disputing the fact that there are real sites, offering really good services and dishing out up-to-date and relevant information. “Realty Help Real Estate” prides itself on being part of that list. So what exactly do they do?

They let you know what’s going on in your Neighborhood

With all confidence, I can say that the probability of people who know what’s going on in their neighborhood is extremely slim. You think it’s a lie? Fine, ask yourself these questions – do you know which of your neighbor’s home that is up for grasps? Do you know how much it is going for? If you don’t, you need “Realty Help Real Estate”. This is what real estate is all about – having the right info where you need it and when you need it. After all, you may be interested in getting a new home.



What they do is that we send all the necessary info to your inbox every week. Homes that is ready to be sold, already sold homes, as well as pictures. With “Realty Help Real Estate, My Neighborhood” setup, you can go to rest and never worry about pulling out fliers because you will get all the info you need on your finger tips, automatically.

They help you Save Money

Ask those that buy or sell homes. This process is not only time consuming, it is also expensive. They help you save money. Yes, lots of it. Here is how.

They believe in do-it-yourself (DIY) processes. By using their DIY listing program you save 1% on listing your home. In figures this means $3,000 on a $300,000 home. The costlier your home, the more you save. Tell me, who else does that? More remarkably, the process is entirely simple. Provide information about your home, upload photos, and get ready to save.

Realty Help Real Estate does not only give discounts for listing but also for purchasing. You can save 1% when buying a home. All you need to do is use the “Search like a Realtor” option. Your search is narrowed down to the best five and you have enough time to interact with a broker.



Other interesting features and services they offer include:

  • Analyzing the real value of your home. Not just task info
  • Search multiple local listings

Finally, you no longer have to be limited by the amount of info Realtor are willing to release. You can get it all on Realty Help Real Estate; comprehensive and real-time. All you need to do is use the Search like a Realtor function.



In conclusion, knowledge is power. And you can get all you need on Realty Help Real Estate. You can find out more by visiting their main site here  They also have an amazing tool on their site which enables you to determine the current value of your home before looking to sell it. Of course should you wish to speak to an agent they are always on hand to help in anyway they can; you can get in touch with one of the friendly team here.  Also check out some more of their great onsite resources such as guides on how to save money and their feature packed blog which is regularly updated with the latest news and information from the real estate industry. If social media is your thing they would also love to hear from you on Facebook or Linkedin. We hope this article has helped you in your real estate decisions and we wish you all the best on finding your new home.