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3 Golden Tips to Prepare for A Successful Overseas Property Viewing Trip

If you are reading this article then chances are you are at the exciting stage of your overseas property buying journey. Now is the time that you need to plan a visit to view the properties you have shortlisted. You certainly wouldn’t buy a property in your home country without first paying it a visit, so why would you even consider doing that when buying overseas.

Viewing trips are such a critical step in the process, you need to ensure that your trip is planned correctly to make the precious time as effective as possible. Of course, we would all love to be able to pop over to our country of choice numerous times to look at interesting property at our leisure but that isn’t a practical or cost-effective choice for most of us.

This article is gives you the three fundamental questions you need to answer before you disembark on your trip. Answering these basic questions will ensure you are properly prepared to find your dream property on your overseas viewing trip.

Before Your Viewing Trip – Establish Your Needs

The bottom line of a successful viewing trip is that you need a clear of what you want, before setting off blindly to the country you are buying in.

Not having a clear understanding of what you actually need from your new property is fine if you are going on holiday and just want to check out different areas while you are there. However, if you are organising a viewing trip with the sole aim of identifying and buying your dream property, you need to get some fundamentals established well in advance.


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Where Do You Want To Buy?

Speak to an experienced and knowledgeable agent about your prospective locations. At the same time you should be conducting your own extensive research to hone down to the exact area you want to purchase in. Having an exact location nailed down will enable you to plan your viewing trip accordingly.

What Is Your Budget?

You should diligently work out exactly what you can afford and only view properties that fall within your price bracket. Everyone loves to dream but if a property is out of your price range, you are wasting your time. When setting your budget it is important to remember to factor in any taxes and fees that are part of an overseas property purchase. Don’t forget – the price you see in the estate agent’s window is unlikely to be the final cost of the transaction.

What Type Of Property Do You Need?

You should only view the type of properties that you actually want to live in. Whether you have your heart set on a beachfront villa, a city centre condo or a rural farmhouse, don’t waste your time, energy and resources going to see properties that you won’t be realistically considering.

You don’t need to have every detail about the location of your new property set in stone. However, it always pays to conduct as much research as you can to determine the areas and types of property you are seriously interested in.

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