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Venture capital and real estate investments

prop1As an active investor you’ll know how important it is to choose your investments wisely; whether it be stock market investments, forex investments or even the latest Crypto Currency investments you know how important it is to do your research and in most cases have an investment firm with a proven track record which can control your funds for you. Today we’re going to take a look at Porter Green Partners.


Who are Porter Green Partners?


The company was founded in early 2014 with the vision of bringing together the most skilled individuals in their chosen fields which can help push the companies vision forward and create a stable investment platform which their clients can rely on time and time again. Their partners have decades of experience in their chose fields such as the oil and gas industry and the financial sector.  Initially the company focused on gas and oil development in Texas and slowly and methodically has expanded into further fields and now they are able to offer their partners the ability to invest in working interest development, mineral lease ownership, mineral royalty interest, real estate development, property developments , and franchise capital investments.



What is Porter Greens Vision?

To put it simply they want to make a good ROI for your investments and as such have assembled a team of the best across a spectrum of industries.   Drawing from a background in oil and gas investment they have expanded this knowledge into further investment fields and the industries they target  are unique, sustainable, profitable, and scalable sectors of the economy.  Their focus is not on so much on emerging industries but more on proven development that has the ability for continued growth and of course the opportunity to scale your investments.   Their strategies include but are no limited to Oil & Gas Drilling/Minerals/Leasing, Real Estate Development, and Venture Capital Funding.


Porter Green Real Estate

Real estate investment  is without a doubt one of the best investment vehicles you can plan your funds in; although we have seen some turbulent times recently in this space Porter Green have a very robust and stable fund in this space and are able to advise you on all areas of real estate investment.



Porter Green Venture Capital

Porter Green are slightly different from many other venture capital funds as they tend to focus and specialise in the Franchise space which will allow you to either buy or invest in the franchise space. They allow investors to buy ownership in our franchises and they handle the operations for you, making it a hassle free operation as possible.


If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to visit you can find out more about the great team behind the business here.  Got any questions? Why not check out their feature packed blog here and of course one of the team is always on hand to help with any questions you may have. They can be contacted here or through the contact details available on the website.

United States real estate lead masters

real1Great opportunities are available in the USA real estate market right now. With the help of you will be able to find the best real estate investment. The Properties range from about $300,000 and up.

It’s important to understand that investing money is a bit like science. Although some people seem to lose their money each time they invest in anything, while others seem to make money in anything they invest. With the help of u.s. real estate lead masters you wil be able to trace the most suitable as well as most appropriate kind of the property.


It’s really important to understand that you will be investing your hard earned money to buy the property and so you should always do a proper investigation about the property or land and all other legal formalities involved before you buy it. To find out more please visit

Real estate agent standing outside house

Real estate agent standing outside house

Residential housing: residential houses or real estate investment is the first choice for majority of investors. Check out U.S. Real Estate Lead Masters. You will be happy you did. To find out more please visit real estate lead generation



You can also visit check out their about us page or why not get in touch with one of the team today.