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Normand Real Estate

normandNormand Real Estate is a seasoned player in the property investment market that believes in establishing fruitful relationships in the course of business. We have great industry expertise acquired for over a decade while working with military personnel on transition. It is our earnest endeavour to help our clients to find the real estate package which best suits their needs.

We understand the intricacies involved in selling property and have the capacity to offer our seasoned services right from listing all the way to closing of the deals. Our clients benefit greatly from our marketing savvy and we are equipped to afford your home top-notch exposure to prospective buyers.



Normand Real Estate is a reliable partner that exhibits invaluable insider knowledge in the art of listing, pricing, staging as well as selling homes. Expect us to work swiftly in getting the right buyer of your home.

We guarantee you of achieving business satisfaction and will accord all necessary support to ensure efficient listing and selling of property committed to us by our clientele. Pricing and staging of property requires specialist knowledge and our firm is skilled in marketing your home as a unique entity. For more information please visit Real Estate Columbus GA


Normand Real Estate appreciates the importance of our business relationships and is your faithful partner when buying or selling property. Our agent will walk you through the criteria with refined detail. We feature a team of skilled and insightful real estate professionals who will offer you the exact type of support necessary. Rest assured of obtaining the particular size of home you seek in its required specifications. We can help you find or market a desirable piece of property within the four locations of North Columbus, South Columbus, East Columbus and MidTown, all situated within Columbus, Georgia.



Normand Real Estate keenly works to acquire property lying within close proximity to schools, entertainment venues, outdoor space and other important landmarks. We carry out background research of all the property in our hands and avail useful tips to our clients about real estate ventures. This includes information regarding trends in local pricing and valuation, taxes as well as cost of maintenance among other aspects.

You can trust our support if involved with the entertainment industry and seek a serene and spacious environment for your guests. Normand Real Estate boasts having veteran agents who will advise you through each stage of its acquisition in a satisfying way. We employ contemporary style and have unique passion in connecting the clients who come to us with their dream properties. Our aspiration is to offer the ideal experience of housing to meet the demand of modern-day home owners and occupants.

We breach traditional barriers of confinement when serving our clients by investing all needed resources to fulfil your housing requirements. The team of experienced staff we avail understand our business very well. We thus keep finding innovative methods of addressing the needs of our clients with a special touch. Buying or selling a home becomes a joyful experience indeed when Normand Real Estate handles your housing needs.


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