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Real Estate Matchmaker

Buying a home has been part of the American dream for several generations, and even with the housing market recovering from recent economic hardship, people are still working hard to obtain this goal. When you own a home, you own an investment that you and your family can appreciate for many years to come – what’s not to love about that?


Susan Gatlin knows exactly what you need, and wants to help you get where you need to be. Big or small, pricey or budget-conscious, there’s a reason she’s called the Real Estate Matchmaker in Tennessee. Working for the Leading Edge Real Estate Group, Susan has worked diligently over the years to understand what potential home owners are really looking for, which makes her the one to go to for first-time home purchases.





Based in Ardmore, Tennessee, she services the following areas: Hunstville, Fayetteville, Giles, Lincoln, Madison, Ardmore and Limestone County, which encompasses quite a number of Tennessee residents. Susan specializes in homes that have acreage attached and those that are buying their home with a loan through the Veterans Administration, and knows the ins and outs to help make the buying process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


As amazing as the Real Estate Matchmaker is, she doesn’t handle only the purchase of a new home. Susan has plenty of experience in selling homes in the area and helping those relocate to the area that are looking for a great place to stay, and prides herself on her incredible work ethic and integrity – two things that are essential for a great overall experience.


Tennessee is known for a lot of things, and farming is no exception. In addition to producing some of the best fruits and homegrown liquor in the country, there is a large section of farming dedicated to horses, pigs and cattle. Buying or selling a farm can be a tricky, lengthy process of negotiation and waiting, but Susan can navigate the battlefield with an ease like no other, and look good doing it, too.


In addition to her job as real estate agent, she has a take-charge attitude when it comes to helping her agency. Whether it’s planning office events, creating open houses or helping with fundraisers, Susan is one agent that can’t sit still. She takes pride in her craft, and loves to help people achieve their dreams through buying and selling their land or homes, or moving along the path of life.


Interested in how Susan can work for you? No problem. She’s easily reached through her office or social media page, and always has time to discuss the best options available for you. There’s no shortage to amazing homes and farms she can find for you based on your budget, and you can rest assured she will hold your hand through the process from beginning to end. That’s a level of dedication that’s hard to find these days, but there’s a reason she’s called the Real Estate Matchmaker and why people are singing her praises all through the Volunteer State.


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