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What is the most effective way to market a home in today’s real estate market?

When looking for a place to buy or rent, people don’t just check properties, they look for lifestyles. So it’s important, then, that in the process of marketing your real estate listings, you not only focus on specs and data, but also develop a narrative of what it is like to live in a particular property.

We, at Better Homes, have put together creative marketing ideas to make your listings stand out. Take a look.

  1. Get real with pricing
    Have your agent get you sales prices of at least three similar homes that have sold in your neighbourhood in the last month or so and price yours accordingly.

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  1. Know your competition
    Work with your agent to find out about the price and condition of other properties that yours is up against. Attend few open houses and see how homes are staged and gauge buyers’ reactions. Use this information to ensure that the condition of your home is up to par.


  1. Go with attractive, well-written descriptions of your property

Make sure to include details of appliances, rooms and features such as dimensions and styles and price when you list your property online. Give readers a sense of what it would be like if they lived in the home. For example, you could say, “The pool allows for great summertime fun, while the lush backyard offers a great escape into the outdoors and a wonderful suburban aesthetic.” Now, who wouldn’t want to grab that property?


  1. Add finer details keeping the market in mind

Grab attention by providing a context for a property’s unique attributes. For example, if a home is near a popular mall, add that into the copy. For instance, you could say, “This spacious villa is just a 10-minute drive away from City Centre, offering you easy access to Dubai’s best shopping destination.”


  1. Post amazing photos
    Familiarise yourself with ways of capturing attractive property shots, the use of natural or artificial lighting, shooting indoor and outdoor shots and enhancing curb appeal. If you are on a tight budget, you can shoot your own listings. Focus on the elements that matter most. If the property offers nice communal recreational facilities (swimming pool, gym, tennis courts), then include photographs of them in your listing.
  2. Use email marketing
    Email is a strong direct marketing lead generation tool. Create an interesting format that provides readers with a beautiful preview of your listing, alongside basic and finer details such as location, key features, striking photos and a call to action that allows them to connect with you. Make sure to write a clear subject line so people know that this is not a spam or a general newsletter.
  3. De-personalise
    ‘Depersonalise’ the space so that prospective buyers/renters will be able to picture themselves in the house. Pretend you’re moving out. Pack up family photos and travel memorabilia and put them in storage.
  4. De-clutter
    Pack up anything sitting on top of a table or countertop. Haven’t used something in at least a year? That goes, too. Give away what you can and then pack the rest.
  5. Host an open house
    Hosting an open house can not only generate traffic, but also footfall to the property itself. Make sure that the open house is well marketed via online channels such as event invites on social media well in advance. Then, move on to staging the home, cleaning, reorganizing furniture to boost appeal, decluttering and ensuring that the sidewalk and driveway are clear. Stage the exterior too if you can with fresh paint, lush landscaping and outdoor furniture.
  6. Post a video about your home on YouTube
    Get a basic cam and take viewers on a tour of your property and area, telling prospective buyers/renters about the best bits – what your family loved about the house, your favorite café, etc.


  1. Leverage social media channels
    Set yourself up for social. Use platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter to generate real estate leads. Post a short description with a photo or two and make sure you target your posts to the audience you want. If you have 300 friends and they each have another 100 friends, imagine the power of a channel like Facebook in spreading the word about your listing!Listen to your agent
    If you work with an experienced real estate agent who has a successful track record of selling/leasing homes in your area, listen to his/her recommendations.

As with any industry, the competition in the Dubai real estate  market is fierce, so you’ll need sound marketing skills to get noticed. So, spend some time developing a real estate Dubai marketing plan that helps you set and track goals, and allows you to plan which real estate Dubai marketing strategies to prioritise.



Real Estate Search

cryeWhen you busy in the activity of home buying, it shows full of stress. You need to think many necessary concerns along the way. Each and every step is necessary to get the favorable results at the last time of deal. At start, you will need to get and be capable for a loan. As this will want good amount, you will need to look for monetary help. Once you have received a loan, then you can start your search about real estate property. There are some required arrangements that have been first done to be capable to absolute the real estate search process. If you want to select the suitable house, you will need to make proper plans. You must make a decision in case you will appoint an agent or perform the whole process manually.


Taking the service of an agent will make the entire process much simpler and faster. The agent will show all the available houses and just choose which one perfectly matches with your requirements. Though, in case you feel like performing it manually, then bear the penalty of going through difficult procedures. You can easily save good amount if you don’t take service of anyone else to perform the job for you. So, use real estate search facility and find your dream home easily and smartly.