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Can you rent a furnished apartment to live permanently in Sydney?

When it comes to staying permanently in the city of Sydney it can be extremely difficult to not only handle the task of moving but also managed the expensive costs for settling and renting in the city. One of the easiest ways that you can mitigate the costs of living in such a populated city is getting a property where all you have to do is move in. Apartments First  are the ultimate resource for young professionals and for individuals who are interested in relocating to Sydney full-time. A furnished apartment to give you access to all of the amenities that you need reducing the cost of your move, improving your quality of life in the city and giving you access to some of the best deals for rental rates. Here’s some of the top advantages that you can receive by renting a furnished apartment in Sydney.

rent a furnished apartment

For the client looking for a Sydney furnished apartment:


  1. They are a flexible way to stay: quite often with furnished apartments in Sydney you get access to a number of different ways to stay. Whether you’re only interested in spending a few nights in Sydney, a week, a month or a few months there are affordable pricing options on fully furnished units to suit your needs. This means that you can get anywhere from a one-bedroom apartment all the way up to a full-sized home for one night up to even a year lease to get just the accommodations you need for as long as you need.
  2. They come complete with everything you need: furnished apartments come with all of the furniture, appliances and in some cases the supplies that you need to live everyday life. You can come into the home with nothing more than a few clothing items and essentials and be set to live. Some landlords even stock the fridge, pantry and bathrooms with toiletries. This means that you don’t need to worry about purchasing all of the extra items to live in Sydney during a short stay, instead you can enjoy all of the amenities that you would have at home.
  3. They are competitive: with flexible staying options landlords need to remain extremely competitive with their rents. The nice part about furnished suites is that they put more power into the hands of the renter as well. Because there is no set contract for the length of stay if you happen to find a furnished suite that’s closer to work, closer to attractions that you want to see or something for a better price you can simply get out of your rental agreement and move somewhere else. Many families are able to complete this move with nothing more than the clothing and luggage that they brought into the home so by constantly searching for new deals you can save money and experience different parts of the city without breaking your budget.
  4. It’s an easy transition: In many cases homeowners will provide you with a welcome guide as well as an indication of some of the local stores that might be in your area. Using this welcome guide and gaining an understanding of the surrounding area in Sydney can better prepare you for living on that side of the city. Most homeowners also prepare the home by cleaning it prior to your arrival. This means that you arrive in a fully furnished, clean apartment or home that’s ready for use with everything you need.
  5. Payment is very simple: even for just one night, you can submit payments for fully furnished suites in Australia from your credit card online or even from your mobile phone. Sending the money to your new landlord and having a rental agreement in place online simplifies the speed of renting meaning that you can enjoy more flexibility with payments and with finding apartments than ever before.


For landlords:


  1. Landlords can unlock extra rental income: you can generally make about 50% more with a fully furnished flexible rental suite than you would with a long-term one year lease property. Many property owners throughout Sydney are finding that this type of rental requires a bit of extra work but can be much more profitable overall. If you own multiple rental suites this could be a substantial income that you are missing out on.
  2. Finding tenants is very easy: with the help of Australian property listings like furnished it’s easy to list your property online and instantly find tenants. The best part about using one of these online services is that you can often see some of the past reviews from other tenants and their tendencies. This essentially helps you have a background check done for you.
  3. Accepting rent in payment is easy: With online services its simple to not only connect with tenants but also receive payments. All of the painting can be handled by credit card or Paypal even if you don’t have any kind of previous point-of-sale system. All the payments are carried out through the website or service with direct deposits into your bank account that you can access shortly after the new tenants check in.
  4. It’s easier to stop renting if you need extra space: if you live in a Sydney apartment with multiple units and you are renting out a few of the rooms, if you ever need to access extra space, flexible rental options ensure that you can simply on list your property and enjoy the extra space when it is needed.

For all of these reasons and more furnished apartments are becoming extremely popular way to stable short and long term in Sydney. More and more travellers and residents to Sydney are finding the merits of staying in furnished properties. To find the best furnished properties throughout Sydney check out with new listings appearing every day there are brand-new opportunities to live and work in Sydney flexibly and affordably!