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The right to manage your own property

rightThe purpose of ‘Right to manage’ is to give leaseholders more control over where they live and ultimately a more secure and stable future in properties they inhabit. There are multiple reasons why a tenant can be entitled to the ‘right to manage’ a property, for starters they could be living with a bad landlord who completely neglects the property and leaves it in disrepair, most of the time leaving the burden of work to be completed to the leaseholder. In cases like this, the leaseholder will properly find it much easier that they get the right to manage the property.


Another example where this may come into play is if the leaseholder owns most of the equity in the property, in a case like this, it then makes much more financial sense that the leaseholder then becomes the manager of the property.  The process of becoming the ‘management’ of the property involves the leaseholder having to form a ‘right to manage company’. This business will then be used to manage both the property and the previous management of the said property, this can either be the landlord or a a form of a membership company or even a larger conglomerate that owns the lease to the building in question. In 2002 an act was established which lays down clearly the process that needs to be followed to gain the ‘right to manage’ the property, this needs to be done prior to serving your notice of intent to your landlord or the current managing body.