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ashleyBefore you buy any first residential signature at yishun in Singapore, you may also wish to find little more prior that you sign on dotted line. In past some years the scene of Singapore real estate has also seen drastic changes to regulations that are governing the transactions in the residential property. It was basically due to rapid surge in the property prices at the time of this specific period that also caused main concern to the home buyers in market. To dissuade the purchasers from gambling in the field of property, Government has also reduced initial 90% of LTV also known as Loan-To-Value to current LTV of 80%. On the other hand, if buyer has current housing loan in the place, next loan that used for residential property that will get capped at about 60% of the LTV. Such kind of measure harshly cripples speculator that are merely out to earn quick buck through leveraging on banks.



Home buyers in such category would also be pleased to always note that for first property, the stamp duty for buyer of about 3% is basically payable. On the other hand, upon buying the 2nd property, the additional 3% would also get levied on the top of prevailing stamp duty of the buyer.