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eliteSlovenia is a beautiful state located in Europe and is located at the crossroads of main European cultural and trade routes. This mountainous region is filled with amazing sites and historical markers. With all that is to offer, who wouldn’t want to live in Slovenia? Here is more information about the beautiful Republic of Slovenia and where you find real estate in the area that meets your needs:


Slovenia is a country teaming with beautiful nature and culture.

The food of the country is varied as it is a mixture of European and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurants found throughout the towns of the country beautifully represent Slovenian cooking on their menus.

Ballet, folk, and modern dance are all very popular in Slovenia. Traditional folk dances are performed at festivals and other events throughout the year. These dances represent the history of Slovenia and feature traditional and colorful costumes.


Speaking of festivals, a number of them are held each year, including comedy festivals, the Pippi Longstocking Festival, book festivals, and music festivals to name a few.

The nature in Slovenia can make a visitor feel as though they are inside of a storybook. With caves dripping with stalagmites like the Postojna Caves, or hiking trails outlining babbling brooks and racing rivers, there is an adventure in the nature of Slovenia just around the corner.

Slovenia is also a great place for history buffs. Due to its prominence in World War II, Slovenia is a country filled with historic land markers and museums. This includes the famous Franja Hospital, where soldiers from the allied and axis powers were treated after being wounded by fascist and Nazi occupying forces. Some museums are geared toward children, but others, like the Kobarid Museum, is military themed.


With all of these great things to offer, Slovenia is more than just a tourist attraction. It is a place where many will want to move to after visiting. Luckily, there is plenty of Slovenia real estate for sale.

You can find plenty of available real estate with Slovenia Estates. One apartment, for sale for 350.000,00 €, includes two bedrooms near the city. It is located in the Ljubljana elite3Center and is only minutes away from town hall. A second property, located in the Kranj area, is a modern family home with four bedrooms and a lovely garden.

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Looking villas in Slovenia real estate? There are several properties available. A stone-walled villa in the coastal area is available for 1.800.00,00 €. The villa includes five bedrooms and a pool.

Another property available near the cost is available or 1.300.000,00 € and includes three to four bedrooms, a large basement, and a pool. The interior of the home is unfinished, which is perfect for homeowners looking to make the place their own.


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