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Kilter Termite and Pest Control

kilter1Your largest investment might be in danger. Subterranean Termites would love to make a feast of your house, and they can lead to huge damage. That is why you require protection that works 24/7. And that is what you get with Kilter Termite and Pest Control.

pest1Kilter persists to be a top termite and pest control company in innovative treatments, customer service, and results. With years of experience over 1,000 homebuilders and innumerable homeowners persist to rely on Kilter for termite and pest control services.

Kilter Termite Control Services In Orange County has more than 22 years of verified performance to meet customer requirements in both the commercial and residential communities all through the Orange County Area. Some of the services offered by Kilter include:




pest2Termite Control Services

Kilter’s termite control services have demonstrated to be the most efficient in the business since they have built their name on total termite removal for both commercial and residential properties.

Termite Protection

There is a range of treatment options accessible counting fumigation, Kilguard Treatment, and Kilfoam treatment. Contact Kilter Termite and Pest Control now to arrange for a FREE inspection at 866-836-7767.



Termite Inspections

A termite assessment is a visual check of the readily reachable parts of a structure for proof of termites and other wood-harming organisms. Common parts of the inspection are sub-areas, interior rooms, attics and garages. Kilter pest control experts cautiously look for any parts that pests can exploit to enter and flourish in your house. They can after that counsel you on how to reduce the threat of pests in and outside your home.


Pest Control Services

Your home gives food, warmth, shelter and water. No wonder pests want to enter. To guard your greatest investment, should you not rely on the experts at Kilter to maintain your house pest free?

Kilter provides sophisticated techniques of treating your house to get rid of pests and prevent them from returning. The Kilter philosophy is to use the least amount of products to your home with the maximum amount of control. To accomplish this Kilter frequently seeks the pests themselves to manage the infestation!

When you want a qualified exterminator for pest control whether for a particular issue or monthly for a preventive program Kilter has you covered and don’t take our word for it you can check out their amazing testimonials here.



Wood Replacement Services

Repairing or replacing wood harmed by termites and decay is never a hygienic or enjoyable job, however Kilter can help out. Kilter has its own wood replacement experts to do any wood replacement required in your home. Termites eat and tear down dry wood from outside; hence, if you see termites you can bet that some damage has been done inside on the infected wood. Time and again it is critical that spoiled wood be changed to protect the veracity of the home or structure. Substitution of termite infected wood is Kilter’s core Business.

Do not allow termites, spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs or other unclean pests invade your house. Get Kilter Termite and Pest Control and keep them out permanently. Guaranteed.


Kilter is THE leading household name for pest and termite control in the Orange County, they have 100’s of satisfied clients through the county.  Don’t leave it to late as they say prevention is better than cure and with all infestations it’s always advisable to get rid of them as early as possible. The team behind Kilter is professional, friendly and most importantly they are reliable! When they say they will get the job done this means it will be done professionally and on time.

You can read more about the fantastic team here or why not check out their feature packed blog here with articles such as the gigantic roach mystery and ants everywhere they cover it all and are able to give you the best advice available on the market.

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