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Tiger Bags

hygneicAs the golf season comes again in with full swing with PGA Tour that even sees some return of Tiger Woods to entire winners circle subsequent enforced layoff of the eight month the question is mainly checked over the time again such as “What is the Tiger bag?” However, for all such professional career with the dating back about 13 years of the Tiger Woods that also is signed to the Nike on the mega millions of the endorsement deal that also entitles to identify what are the clubs that go in the bag of go Tiger.


The single exception permitted here is that putter where the Tiger has also retained the choice for eventually settling on Titleist that is produced by Scotty Cameron Newport and the 2 putter. It is possibly club through which the Tiger also has become quite much synonymous, uncountable times they also has been perfectly waved in air as other different monster that putt drops in the hole. Moreover, there is also high level of research going in different clubs which are available in these Tigers bag. However, golfer also works untiringly with the skilled team of Research and Development to create the set of clubs which perfectly match with their needs.