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Does Toronto real estate still represent good value

torontoIf you’re into real estate at all, whether you’re an investor or owner,  and you’re living in Canada, then you’ll know how the real estate market has skyrocketed recently and how expensive real estate has become. If you focus on Toronto in particular all establishments such as apartments, residential and commercial premises are literally flying off the shelves as the market snaps up all these properties. Why is it so expensive in particular in Toronto though?


There are various views on this topic but it could be in part due to years of very low interest rates, and of course there has been  a huge and prolonged commodities boom/bubble along with foreign investor speculators.   Real estate valuations – home prices in particular – have been rising steadily since before the turn of the millennium – Canada did not really experience a price correction in 2008/2009 when the rest of the world saw disastrous results in the real estate markets.   There is of course still great value in buying in Toronto as investors see it as a safe bet in terms of real estate. If you would like to find out more about the real estate market in Toronto then please visit Toronto real estate