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West palm beach real estate

911It really seems that now everywhere when you take a turn, media wish you to certainly believe that it is now much terrible time when you should buy the real estate property. Nothing can also go further from the fact. Now it is the true opportune time to purchase west palm beach real estate property, for several different reasons.

First, the prices of real estate now have drop down quite dramatically, specifically in the “bubble” markets such as Florida, Arizona, Las Vegas as well as California. In the West Palm Beach as well as Treasure Coast area specifically in Florida, areas when you can actively invest, the prices have suddenly drop down by additional 50% in various different situations and conditions!

Second point that is important to consider along with the significant decrease in the price of real estate we have very well seen that return should be normalized market when the homes of single family can get purchased as the investment in real estate and can also rented for adequate cash flow that can also cover various costs for holding property. While it is also nothing new to many different parts of country which never experienced any kind of price bubble such as West Palm Beach, it is a good news!


West palm beach real estate

copeWest Palm beach is snuggled in the eastern side of the Florida pan-handle. The local economy has managed to outperform the state and nations growth average; this is due to the thriving tourist economy as well as an increase in tech start-ups. West palm beach is awash with money coming in from all over the world, investors see West Palm beach as a great investment opportunity in both local business and the real estate market.

West Palm beach real estate is surprisingly affordable, with local demographics including strong personal income trends. West palm beach has a lot going for it. The city did take a knock in the recession, however, it has since bounced back and with an 11% increase in median home pricing year-on-year, shows strong growth in property valuations that are moving in the right direction with strong appreciation in the property market set to continue.


West Palm beach is stacked with property investment opportunities that draw investors from all over the globe. The key to finding the right property for your investment portfolio, or the right home for your family, is to use an agent that is local to the area and understands the market and its price action.

There are so many great neighborhoods in the city, that it may be tough for you to go it alone and survey the market yourself. Some great neighborhoods to take a look at would be; Pineapple park, Century Village, the Palm beach lakes village and the Southside. All of these areas are prime location and would make for an excellent property investment.

Florida currently leads the United States in all-cash real estate investment deals, with almost 52% of all deals done in cash. |In the West Palm Beach area, 59% of all deals done were in cash transactions, showing the strong income and net-worth of the city’s homeowners and investors. Surprisingly enough, West Palm beach also has the nation’s highest mortgage delinquency rate, with it being twice the nations average.


More than 20% of the current mortgages in the city are underwater, this makes for excellent opportunities that are ripe for the picking to the savvy investor. Taking advantage of these market opportunities can be best done with the assistance of a reputable Real Estate agency that has a solid track record and is geared specifically toward the West Palm beach market.

With strong rental rates, that are a shade under the rental rates in the major cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, West Palm beach offers an amazing location with a cheaper rent, drawing many tenants that are attracted to a good rental deal.


With an affordable housing market and strong local employment market, West Palm beach has managed to escape the clutches of the last recession and with its ability to harness international trade in the coming future, we see the city as an attractive investment opportunity to get on-board with as soon as possible. It won’t be long before the city and its property market is in full swing, so make sure you contact a local, reputable Real Estate agency and let them help you in finding the right deal.

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