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Renting property in Malta

It’s that time of the year again where we start thinking about our next holiday destination; this of course will depend on what you enjoy on a holiday for example are you a beach person or perhaps a mountain person or maybe you enjoy a holiday seeped in history?


What if we told you there was a destination which covered all of these aspects of a holiday and you could combine them all in one? Have you heard of Malta? It’s an island in the Mediterranean which has a long history of different settlers including the Moors and Romans only to name 2 of them. Malta is a tax free zone which is why a lot of the gambling companies around the world are registered in Malta.  It offers some incredible scenery and beaches as well as amazing history and of course some property to rent in Malta which is some of the best in Europe.


knpAlmost everyone on the planet lives with or uses some form of electricity, so it follows that these people will need electrical services at some point.


KNP Electrics offers a variety of services to commercial and domestic clients alike. If you are looking for an electrical contractor in Perth, KNP provides high-quality electrical work for any project to assure your home or business will run safely and smoothly.


The company offers the following services: design, installation, maintenance and repairs, RCD/safety switches, smoke alarms, lighting, electrical testing and tagging, switchboard upgrades, exit and emergency power lighting, renovations, and more. Electrical contractors are available 24/7 to provide professional and prompt service to clients in Perth.


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